September 4, 2015

The Woodworker’s Dream Garage

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For a woodworker, the layout of the garage is vital to transforming it into a useable workspace. Your workshop garage should reflect the kind of projects that you like to do, and make completing those projects a lot easier. As you start to plan your dream workshop garage, there are three key components you must address.


Every woodworker’s garage is going to be slightly different, since some people like large projects, like chairs or benches, and others prefer to make smaller, decorative items for the home. Though not all woodworker’s use the exact same setup, you’ll want to get these critical pieces to get your projects off the ground.

  • Combination Radial Arm Saw: Table saws are important to just about any woodworking project, but they can be expensive and take up a ton of space. A combination saw can serve as both a radial arm saw and table saw for all of your large wood cuts. Keep this tool near the center of your space, with 8‑10 feet of free space on either side.
  • Jointer: You can’t always get the straight boards that you need for your projects. Invest in a jointer so you can plane any piece of lumber into something flat you can use.
  • Band or Scroll Saw: When you need to make intricate cuts, these saws give you the most flexibility. Band saws are best for thick pieces of wood, while the scroll saw is best for decorative flair.
  • Portable Power Tools: You’ll still need your favorite drills and sanders to put the finishing touches on your project.
  • Measuring Tools: A good tape measure, square and level ensure accuracy and lead to better finished projects.
  • Vacuum: Use it to keep sawdust off the floor.


After deciding which tools you need in your workshop garage, you need to look at your equipment needs. These are the pieces that keep your garage organized and safe.

  • Workbench: Since this is where you will spend most of your time, it needs to be a comfortable height and have enough storage space for the small parts and tools you use the most.
  • Storage: Nails, screws and assorted parts are easily lost and a nightmare to sort through. Keep them organized with plenty of shelving and clearly marked storage containers.
  • Lighting: Natural lighting is not enough for most workshop garages. Add a series of lamps or overhead lights.
  • Safety Equipment: You need goggles and gloves for yourself and at least a couple of spare sets for anyone who wants to visit or help out in your workspace.

Climate Control

You don’t want to spend a ton of time and energy making a woodworker’s garage, only to have weather make it unusable several months a year. Adding climate control features allows you to work on projects year round.

  • Space Heater: A small space heater should be enough to keep your workspace warm, as long as you keep the garage door closed.
  • Fans: Even during cool months of the year, the garage will get hot. Invest in a couple of quality fans to keep the air circulating and cool.
  • Insulated Door: The best upgrade you can make to your workshop garage is an insulated garage door. It keeps the exterior weather from having a significant impact on the temperature inside the garage and will save you money on utilities for an attached garage.

Your workshop garage should be the place where you see your dreams become reality, and your visions come to life. With the right layout, the proper tools and the right equipment, your dream garage is within reach!

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