When Garage Door Paint Jobs Go Wrong

When Garage Door Paint Jobs Go Wrong

There is nothing worse than seeing a beautiful house marred by an ugly garage door.

While style is a matter of taste, many homeowners don’t realize that their garage door colour may be considered unattractive to others. But one of the golden rules of home design is that the colour of a garage compliments the rest of the exterior.

If the colours don’t match, you run the risk of being the homeowner who has no clue that his gorgeous property looks ridiculous with the wrong shade on his garage door.

Aim to Complement, Not Contrast

One of the most important things you need to remember is to keep the paint job from contrasting with the rest of the house. This means you should choose neutral colours that will keep the eye from going straight to the garage door.

The purpose of a simple paint job will keep the garage in tune with the rest of the exterior.

The best way to keep it simple is by picking one colour that melds with the rest of the house’s colour. However, the exception to this rule is if one wants to add accents to their garage door. One can paint the molding or trim with a warmer or cooler shade of the same colour. This can add depth without being overly dramatic.

Avoid Potentially Tacky Concepts

The idea to avoid at all costs: murals or abstract painting projects on the garage! The outside of one’s home is not the place to make an art project or wild statement. Instead, one should aim for something that blends seamlessly into the rest of the home’s overall layout.

People might think it is fun and cute to paint a themed mural on the outside of a beach house or vacation home, but this could not be further from the truth! Do not be one of “those” neighbours whom everyone talks about because of your questionable taste. Keep the door simple and tacky‑free by staying away from murals.

Keep It Elegant to Build Value

An elegant paint job on a garage door will only add value to a home in the long run. A bad job will distract from it overall, and it will decrease its worth if you ever want to resell.

Potential buyers might overlook a home with an exceptionally bad garage, even if the rest of the home is in pristine condition. Therefore, it is important to keep the garage door’s paint job in check in order to keep the value from decreasing.

Since you might not recognize that your garage door’s colour might affect your curb appeal, it never hurts to ask for a second opinion from a friend or a professional in order to keep the garage door’s paint colour from posing a major threat.

A New Paint Job, or a New Door?

Not sure what colour will look good on your garage door? Try it out online first!

You can click here to build your perfect door, and experiment with different colours and designs. If you end up creating a garage door you like, consider the benefits of a new garage door, and get a free quote. You can save yourself the hassle of painting, and add the value of a new door!

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