Everything You Have to Know About Garage Door Sizes Before Buying One

When remodeling your garage, you might consider replacing your garage door. However, did you know that not all garage doors are the same size? In fact, there is not set standard for garage doors. So, purchasing a new garage door might not be as easy as going down to the local hardware store and picking a new one out.

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Most people, if asked, wouldn’t describe a typical garage door the same way. Are there three windows, an eight-by-seven-foot size, and would it be all black? This color and size garage door may be the right fit for you, but another might envision a 10-foot by 8-foot white-colored door with no windows. In the current market, garage doors are available in a wide variety of styles, colors, and sizes.

Navigating the world of garage doors can be confusing. Would it be simpler to have just one kind of door with one size and color? Well, the truth is, it just doesn’t work that way.

Personalized to fit the customer's taste, the styles and colors are available in a variety of options. Customers can also choose their own sizes. A variety of choices are offered. Fortunately, we will walk you through the process of choosing a garage door that fits your needs, so taking the time to do so is easy.

Certain sizes of garage doors are commonly returned to stores, so they have become the “standard.” Garage door sizes are commonly between 8 and 16 feet in width. The height of most doors are 7 and 8 feet.

The following sizes are a good starting point for you if you are thinking about purchasing a garage door.

Picture of gorgeous double garage door. This is a Moderno Multi garage door design, 16' x 7', in Black color, with Azur windows.

Interested in this amazing double garage door? This is the Moderno Multi design, 16’ x 7’, Black, Azur windows.

Things to Think About Before Purchasing A New Garage Door

How does the size of a door affect your decision to purchase it? What determines the price of a garage door? Is a new garage built or is it calculated based on an existing one?

If your garage already has a door, we offer tools that can help you determine how much it will cost to replace it and what type of doors you should look in to. If you wish to install tracks, also known as lifts, to open the garage door, you will need to determine how much space is available. There are different types of garage door lifts, depending on the space available in your garage to install the tracks to lift the door, there are different types of lifts.

Before considering building a new garage, you need to know what you primarily intend to use your garage for. From there, you’re better able to determine which door size to choose.

Why is this important? Well, garage door widths vary according to how you intend to use them.

Do You Plan to Park Many Vehicles in Your Garage? How Big Are They?

A garage door size can be determined by knowing what the garage will be used for. Will it be used exclusively for parking cars? Are you going to park two cars there? Motorcycles? How about recreational vehicles or a camper van?

If they are being used to store only one car, garage doors can vary from 7 to 10 feet wide. 9 feet is more convenient to park and open car doors for the average driver than 7 feet.

For a large pickup truck or other vehicles, an 11' door would be adequate. Doors can be made as tall as 20 feet tall to as small as four feet.

A tool to help you choose the best garage door size depending on the size of the vehicles you own.

The main reason garage doors don’t come in a standard size is because garages aren’t built in a standard size. The size of your garage is a personal preference and then the garage doors are built to fit the garage’s design. A single garage door is typically between 7 and 12 feet. A double garage door will vary in width and can may be between 14 and 20 feet.

Two vehicles can be easily parked with a 16' wide garage door that can accommodate both of them. Technically speaking, it’s possible that a 14' door could fit two cars, but space would be tight, and they'd be pushed against each other. Depending on how your cars are parked, you may have to park them at an angle so that both vehicles can enter.

Your teenager has a license, now are you worried? Let’s face it, a narrow garage door and a teenager with a new license is a recipe for disaster. Twenty-foot doors help to ensure your cars and the garage door frames stay in good shape.

Keys in a car starter.

Once you realize that you're not going to be able to park two cars in your garage, you’ll also realize that one 9' wide door isn't enough. Now, are you interested in two 8' single doors or one 16' double door?

The pros and cons of each are different. Imagine that your garage door won't open for some reason beyond your control, preventing you from exiting. A 16-foot double door may make it difficult getting in and out of your garage. However, with two doors, you will be able to use one if the other is jammed.

Two single doors are about the same price as a double door. You can enhance the security of your front door by installing a door opener. If your garage has two doors, you will need to purchase two openers.

A picture of a small garage door for a shed. This garage door is a Grooved Design, 6' x 7', Ice White color, with Clear windows.

Look at this neat garage door shed. This is the Grooved design, 6' x 7', Ice White, Clear windows.

Smaller doors are available if you are building a garden shed. The door of the shed could be 4', 5' or 6 feet if the shed is used to park a small lawn tractor.

What About Your Garage Door Opener?

In the case of an unbalanced garage door system, a heavier and larger door will be difficult to lift. An automatic door opener will make your life much easier, and they can be installed by a specialist.

There are many LiftMaster garage door openers to choose from. Consider the LiftMaster 87504-267.

Remote monitoring and control are possible with this model's wireless internet connectivity. Burglary prevention is also very easy with this product. The opener will push the door in the opposite direction if it detects that it has been forced open.

Find out why LiftMaster is so great! Check out all the garage door openers available.

The Layout of Your Garage Door

Whenever possible, we cut our doors to the nearest inch, so they fit within available space. When you install the weatherstripping, you'll ensure a properly installed door.

And even better, since our doors can be tailored to your exact specifications, there is no additional charge for custom sizes.

A door's design may not necessarily be in line with the size you want. It is possible to have the same pattern on two doors of different sizes, but the distance between the pattern and the side will be different. The appearance of the door is somewhat ruined if the pattern is too close to the edge, or if there is too much space.

By testing the sizes in our Design Centre, you can ensure that the design you selected will fit the door you've chosen! There is no cost to you for this service.

Your Garage Door Style

There's more to a door than just being functional. It has to look good and fit with the aesthetic of your home, too. A garage door makes up 30% of the façade of your home. You want your door to look great!

Luckily for you, the designs we offer are numerous. You have 3 styles of doors to choose from including Traditional, Modern and Carriage House. Several models are available in each category.

Talk with our experts at Automated Door Systems to help you decide. Are you sure of the door you want? Contact us today for a free quotation!

Call us to learn about the latest trends in garage doors and to help you with your garage door size.

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