Do You Believe Garage Doors Are Practical and Uninteresting? Peek at This Full-View Garage Door Over a Kitchen Sink!

Are you interested in garage doors that are produced of nothing except glass? You’ve certainly seen them at some of your much-loved eateries, on design television shows, or while scrolling Instagram.    

Garage Door Model: California, 9' x 7', White aluminum frame, Sandblasted glass

You like this look? These are California Garage Doors , 9' x 7', White aluminum frame, Sandblasted glass

Rather than being a central point just for chic locales, these doors are now discovered in all kinds of dwellings and even renovated barns. If you want to add a little class to a spot, it can make a magnificent indoor-outdoor space that you’ll go crazy for!    

Several of the areas you may have seen California glass garage doors include:

· Sandwiched between a protected sun deck or terrace and a dining area

· Squeezed between double internal greeting rooms or cafe rooms for additional space

· As an opportunity to keep a three-season promenade open to the outdoors when the weather is pleasant

· Or, why not, in an out-of-the-box she-shed or a cottage

Garage Door Model: California, 12' x 7', Black aluminum frame, Clear glass

You like this look? This a California Garage Door , 12' x 7', Black aluminum frame, Clear glass


Even if you believe you’ve seen it all, we wager you’ve never seen a small-scale garage door used for the design like the one beneath!

The California garage door over a kitchen sink. Inside of the door from the kitchen


The Narrative Behind This Distinctive Venture

“Our clients are an exceptional pair who like to have over colleagues and loved ones to entertain. They also spend a lot of time cooking huge meals for everyone. What they weren’t excited about was walking with plates, utensils, covers, and other items from the kitchen to the patio door in the dining room and then out onto the deck.” – Tina Roberts, designer

Rather than going for something typical, the clients needed something a bit unique. A door that could be utilized to pass food from the kitchen to the three-season solarium while dividing the two spaces.

Honestly, I didn’t know anything about panoramic garage doors. Or garage doors period, in honesty. However, as soon as I walked inside Automated Door Systems, I knew I was in good hands. The team was full of smart and dedicated people who were happy to listen to all my strange ideas and turn them into a reality that was perfect for my needs. ” – Tina Roberts, designer

As long as you select a high-quality garage door, traditional sizes aren’t as traditional as you might think. While we may well say that the size of a Single garage door is 9’x7’and a Double garage door is 16’x7’, this isn’t utterly true. The explanation is that each one of the garage doors is produced to be a custom fit with the dimensions you need.

Garaga delivers residential doors that are of any size you require. They vary from4 to 20 feet wide to the nearest inch and from 6 to 12 feet in height in one or three-inch increments.

The California garage door: A look from the outside, in the 3-season sunroom

All the technical specifics!

Now that you’ve viewed the door, are you curious about the specifications? Find them below:

  • Garage door dimensions : 48 X 56 inches
  • Door model : California , encircled by a black frame
  • Window type : Crystal clear tempered glass found on each side of the door
  • Hardware type : Dura+ with a high-quality torsion spring. The torsion spring is concealed inside of a wooden box over the door so that nobody notices it.
  • Galvanized tracks and hinges : Offer a finish of black enamel paint to create a more pleasing appearance.

You Can Even Add a Motor to a Small Garage Door!

This garage door even offers a garage door opener so that operation is a breeze. It incorporates the LiftMaster 8500. This is a Jackshaft opener that is installed right next to the garage door itself.

Great Idea! The spring system and garage door opener were attractively concealed.

The Pro Corner: Both the door opener and springs are hidden in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Don’t expect to see the opener in the photos! Instead, this project has it concealed nearby in a kitchen cabinet.

This opener is simple to hide. Check out the dimensions below:

  • Height: 16 ¼ inches

· Width: 6 inches

· Depth: 6.85 inches

That isn’t the only outstanding feature of this project. It offers MyQTM, which is based on the newest technology out there. It lets you operate the door opener from your tablet or smart phone, no matter where you are.

Garage Door Model: California, 18' x 8', Black aluminum frame, Clear glass

You like this look? This a California Garage Door , 18' x 8', Black aluminum frame, Clear glass


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