June 26, 2015

Turn Your Garage up to 11 With a Recording Studio Conversion

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Have you ever wanted to turn your garage into a recording studio? If you’re a musician, or budding musician, it’s an excellent way to make use of predominately idle space.

In just a few steps you can do it yourself or with a bit of professional help. Here’s how!

    Clearing Out the Garage

    Before you do anything else, you need to clear out the garage or a portion of the garage, whichever you prefer. Dispose of things you don’t use. If they’re still in good shape, consider having a yard sale or giving things to charity. Another option (for belongings you want to keep) is to rent a small storage space near your home.

    Living Space Conversion

    Once the garage is clean, it’s time to make sure that you have proper lighting and heating/cooling resources. You also need to ensure that the wiring is up to code and that you have plenty of electrical outlets, located throughout the room.

    Insulation helps to soundproof the garage, something that your neighbors will no doubt appreciate. Apply caulk around all windows. Sound emanates out of even the smallest cracks.

    Acoustic Treatment

    Some types of acoustic treatment is quite expensive. So, it’s best to explore several alternatives, before you make a final purchase. A garage is difficult to soundproof, because of the large garage door. If you don’t want to invest in a better insulated garage door, you may be better off using a small isolation booth.

    You also have the option of building a room inside a room. The space in between each set of walls acts as a sound barrier.

    There are acoustic tiles as well as sheets of acoustic foam, suitable for attaching to garage walls. Laying carpet on the floor helps somewhat. However, you’re better off investing in some other type of acoustic material that does a more adequate job.

    Essential Equipment

    The equipment you ultimately use, should be based on your skill level and personal preference. But, here is a short list of equipment, other than instruments, worth your consideration:

    • Computer
    • External hard drive
    • Digital recording software
    • Microphones
    • Studio monitors
    • Headphones
    • Quality cables
    • MIDI controller
    • Power conditioner

    This is a brief overview of garage recording studio conversion. Obviously, the information just scratches the surface. There is much planning involved, before you begin such a project. The good news is that, once completed, you’ll be able to pursue your music career without the need to leave your home.

    You should also consider a new and more soundproof garage door for your studio. Click here to fill out our form for a free quote.

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