June 17, 2016

Stage Your Garage For Home Buyers

Stage Your Garage For Home Buyers

People who are searching for a house to purchase tend to be a fickle group of consumers, which is understandable considering the costs of real estate and the price of home maintenance. This is why organizations such as the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) reach out to the market, asking consumers about their preferences when it comes to the type of home in which they wish to live. The stakes are high in the real estate market, and it would be foolish to ignore the wishes and demands of home buyers in terms of what they want from their garage.

Top Trend: Storage and Organization

Consider the garage’s reputation as the least lived-in space of a home, it’s entirely understandable that a strong majority of home buyers expect their garage to act as a source of storage space. When the NAHB surveyed 3,682 home buyers about their preferences, a whopping 86 percent of all respondents strongly desired a garage storage space.

According to Rose Quint, assistant vice president for NAHB research, “home buyers want help with organization”, which is in line with statistics that also show 93% of buyers needing a laundry room and 90% percent of buyers wanting a bathroom linen closet and 85% desiring a kitchen pantry. Nearly one in three home buyers would refuse to purchase a residential property that doesn’t have garage storage.

In terms of garage size, more consumers seek a garage that can fit up to three vehicles. Again, this is to facilitate storage rather than store additional cars.

Considering that the statistics show an overwhelming desire for a space that leads to a more organized home with plenty of extra space for storage, if you’re going to sell your home anytime soon, you should plan on optimizing your garage for home staging.

Staging Your Garage

Staging produces sales, giving home buyers the ability to visualize what it would be like to occupy your home. The garage should be prepared for visitors who will be inspecting every single aspect and detail of your home.

If you’re fortunate to have a double-car garage or larger, you can really impress the prospective buyer by presenting a garage that reflects the information that was conducted by the NAHB. One part of the garage should be set up for parking the car and the other should be set up as a storage space.

First, get rid of all the clutter from the garage, throwing away any and all items that are never used. One man’s trash is another man’s yard sale – don’t hesitate to set up a garage or yard sale to make a bit of cash from the clutter. Use the walls and ceilings as much as possible; thin, long items such as a rakes and yard tools make use of vertical wall space while the ceiling is a fantastic place to hang light storage bins for items that are useful but rarely accessed.

Arranging cabinets and modular storage stacks helps complete the staging of the garage. Cabinets, especially when placed strategically close to entry points, are perfect for items that are small and frequently used, like keys, nut, bolts and tools, while modular storage is perfect for seasonal items that are used only for a few weeks a year.

An Energy Efficient Garage

The NAHB survey also stated that 94% seek Energy Star ratings for the appliances and 91% seek Energy Star ratings for the entire home. You’ve likely already figured out that the reason behind this is monthly savings on bills: the less energy used, the smaller the monthly payments.

If an energy-conscious home buyer walks into your garage and notices that there’s little or no insulation, they will not be impressed. If the garage door is a thin sheet or aluminum with degrading weatherstripping, there’s a good chance that they will prefer the home with a solid garage door that provides better protection from the elements.

For unattached garages, homeowners may not consider energy efficiency an issue, as the garage wouldn’t leak warm air during winter or cool air during summer. However, if the buyer plans on using the unattached garage as a hang out or a workspace, the lack of insulation may become an issue that prevents a sale or reduces the amount of money you receive for your home.

High‑Quality Garage Doors Adds Value to Your Home

If your home has a cheap garage door or if the panel and opener are old and dilapidated, there’s a good chance that you’ll ruin the curb appeal of your home, which can reduce the perceived value of your home considerably.

Garaga remains the industry standard for durability and reliability, as we have sold over 1.7 million quality garage doors since 1983.

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