October 9, 2015

From Weather Stripping to Bottom Seals – How to Keep the Heat in Your Garage

From Weather Stripping to Bottom Seals – How to Keep the Heat in Your Garage

Have you ever thought about the potential your garage has?

You might keep your vehicles in your garage along with a variety of tools or yard equipment, but your garage has the potential to be so much more. It could act as a whole new room for your house, but if your garage gets frigid during the winter, that may not seem like a possibility.

However, if you could insulate your garage properly, that would open up your options to use your garage more. Let’s explore how to insulate your garage properly, if you ever decide you want to use your garage for more than just your vehicles and storage.

Is Your Garage Door Made of Quality Material?

There are several possibilities to explore when you are trying to retain heat inside your garage. The garage door itself is the most critical spot in your garage that loses heat.

As a starting point, you should consider the quality of your garage door, including the material from which it is made. Energy efficient doors that have solid construction and that are made to last are ultimately what you should aim to own

Options for Insulating Your Garage

There are other options to insulate your garage, all of which will help you retain the heat.

Insulation Kits

Insulation is not just for the walls of your garage but the garage doors themselves. There are a number of kits available to help dramatically change the temperature in your garage. These kits range from different materials like foam to aluminum to allow you to retain your heat in the winter and stay cool during the hot summers.

Weather Stripping

Weather stripping is essential for adding a tight seal to the sides and tops of your garage so no excess air can seep through. Most often, weather stripping comes in one colour, but not to worry – you can work around this.

Forced Air Heater

You can easily keep your garage warm in the winter with a forced air heater. This will allow comfortable temperatures inside your garage and acts like a furnace without the hefty costs. These types of heaters can have your garage heated quickly, but should be put in by seasoned professionals.

Pro Tip: Replace the Garage Door for the Biggest Improvement

Now that you have a better idea of what kind of options are available for insulating your garage, you might want to plan to keep these ideas in mind before the winter comes.

Whether you want to keep your garage warmer for your vehicles in the winter time, or you are thinking about adding an additional room or office to your home, adding a new, and more efficient, garage door is a big first step. At Automated Door Systems, we can help!

Take a look at our insulated residential garage doors to see the variety of options, and when you’re ready, get a free quote, and keep the warmth in your garage!

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