May 20, 2016

Forget to Lock Your Garage? There’s an App for That

How Safe is Your Garage

Great Garage Door Apps Increase the Security of Your Home

As the internet continues to become an ever‑present aspect of civilization, greater connectivity is beginning to revolutionize the way you control the various systems of your home.

One by one, lighting systems, air conditioners and other household appliances are getting connected to the internet, expanding their capabilities. Garage doors are now part of this movement, which is casually referred to as the Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things

An emerging trend in technology that’s rapidly spreading through multiple sectors is the internet of things (TIOT), which involves regular household products connected wirelessly to smartphones, laptops and other computers. For example, when your heating and air conditioning system can be controlled over your phone, the HVAC unit is considered a part of TIOT. Same goes for lighting systems programmed through your phone or a refrigerator that warns you that you’re running out of ice.

For garage doors, there is a variety of systems that connect your automatic opener to your smartphone, enabling an expanded range of functionality for your system. Instead of dealing with frustrations related to your old opener, a garage door designed with the same philosophy behind TIOT increases the value of your entire garage.

The Smart Garage

Increased automation of household systems has the ability to transform your property into a smart house. The concept may seem odd at first, but the seamless addition of centralized control and automation of important home functions has plenty of benefits. In the case of lighting and HVAC systems, having complete control over each room allows you to reduce energy costs by diverting resources to rooms that are occupied.

Apps that have developed to put control of your garage door on your smartphone are no exception. The range of functionality added to your system is entirely up to you and can be customized to meet the needs of your household. Installation of these devices is very easy to set up and require little maintenance, such as the occasional software update that should be installed on your smartphone.

Garage App Features

Opening and closing the door from anywhere you have an internet connection is one of many features that smartphone garage apps offer homeowners. The ability to open or close the door from anywhere on Earth ensures that you never accidentally leave it open. Also, if a family member or friend needs to borrow something from your garage while you’re away, you can grant access with a few swipes of the finger.

Another superb feature available on some apps enable the ability for the garage to sense your presence, opening the door when you’re nearby without you having to lift a finger. Using Wi‑Fi or Bluetooth, the garage door opener can pinpoint your location based on your smartphone, triggering the perfect moment to lift the gate.

If you’re worried about the door opening accidentally or due to a break‑in, the app is capable of alerting your smartphone, triggering a notification that appears on your home screen or lock screen. This security feature is a valuable tool that helps your alert the appropriate authorities as quickly as possible, in the event of suspicious garage activity.

Many apps are integrated well with iOS, Android and other mobile operating systems, letting homeowners access the app through voice commands with Siri and other AI helpers. The user’s interface is easy enough to use for the entire family and can be set up for the entire family to use on their personal smartphones.

If you take a little bit of time, many apps also give you access to programmable functions that allow you to set specific rules for when the garage door may be opened or closed. Some apps are part of a software ecosystem that control multiple parts of the home through a single smartphone, which means you can turn off the lights, close the garage door and set a timer on the heat all within the same app, completely streamlining the control of your home.

The Security of Your Garage Door App

Any reputable garage door app will be designed with advanced security features, such as 128‑bit encryption that make it nearly impossible for a hacker to break into the information exchanged between the smartphone and the garage door opener. The feature that senses your presence is designed to open the door only when you’re present outside the home, preventing you from inadvertently opening the door while inside the house.

GARAGA garage door systems are designed to take advantage of the latest in technological innovations, including the ability to control your smartphone over the internet through a well‑designed app.

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