July 10, 2015

Create a Futuristic Garage With These High Tech Tips

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Everyone comments on how you are a bit more tech savvy than most. Back in the 90s, you were the guy with 6 remotes; you got on this inter‑web thingy before everyone else did, and you should probably buy shares in Apple, the way you’re driving up the stock price with your constant upgrades.

You have every possible toy, yet one thing you own is shockingly out of date. It’s not your tie. It’s your garage.

Believe it or not, it’s possible to transform your generic garage into a Bond‑worthy space powered by technology.Here are some ideas to help with the transformation from a cluttered storage room to high‑tech garage.

Awesome Garage, Happy Car

If you have room to park in your garage, you’re way ahead of the many homeowners who have crammed so much junk into their garage that they haven’t seen the floor in years. Still, you might have a long way to go before your garage has that futuristic feel. Why put the time and money in? Because your garage can and should work much harder than it has been to date.

  • Add a Workstation with a Sleek Laptop: You don’t need a lot of space for this because you shouldn’t bring in the big comfy office chair — studies show we all need to spend more time standing. Besides, you aren’t going to be streaming live TV on this laptop; this baby is going to be used for YouTubing car repairs and DIY projects for your workshop, making reservations, and researching last minute destinations.
  • Add a Screen: A wall‑mounted TV is great for when you just want to have the game on in the background while you clean out the car or exercise. If you’re an avid do‑it‑yourselfer, home improvement shows can provide inspiration for new projects.
  • Automate: Not only can you transform your garage door into something more futuristic (think glass and aluminum) to suit your aesthetic tastes, you can monitor and control it using a Smart Phone app. That means you’ll never have to worry about whether you accidentally left the garage door open, or whether someone has broken in; your phone will alert you to any tampering, and you can open or close the door from anywhere, just as you can remotely control the garage’s heating, lights, alarm system, and other mechanical features too.

Awesome Garage, No Cars Allowed

You don’t need a vehicle to justify a high tech garage. In fact, you can take a no‑cars‑allowed attitude, and use the space as an extension of your high tech home.

  • Power Tools: Every high tech garage needs high tech power tools. You can’t make amazing things, like furniture, without a lathe or make an angled bevel cut without a circular saw.
  • Cool Home Office: If you’re tired of carving office space out of an unused corner of the living room, or conversely, wasting a perfectly good bedroom on your work… why not use the garage? Remember, it’s only a cold, fusty space now. You are going to insulate it, air condition it, paint it, and decorate it until it becomes an extension of your home.
  • Studio: Whatever you’re into – photography, art, music – you need a refuge to indulge the hobby and spend more time practicing it.
  • Home Cinema: The benefit of this is that the lack of a naturally occurring window is actually a plus.

While you’re upgrading your garage to a futuristic look, consider upgrading your garage door. Here at Automated Door Systems, we proudly offer a number of Garaga Contemporary Garage Doors to fit the theme!

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