August 7, 2015

A Sobering Lesson on a Leaking Garage Roof Repair

If the integrity of your garage roof has been compromised, don’t jump right into a DIY-style repair project. There are some minor repairs that you can make by yourself with little research. However, other repairs will take significant time, effort and knowledge.

Make an Effort. The Roof Won’t Fix Itself

While it is tempting to sit back and do nothing, waiting to fix the leaky garage roof could cost you much more down the road. If you wait long enough, you might have to repair the whole roof. Don’t let water leak into your garage. It’ll cause rotted wood, moulds and mildew to form in the walls and ceilings.

Waterproof the Entire Roof – Don’t Just Fix Cracks

Garage roofs can experience a myriad of problems. Concrete roofs are porous and tend to retain a good amount of moisture. As a result, they are prone to scaling, spalling, cracking, etc.

Collected moisture causes cracks, corrosion and leaks. The best option is to waterproof the entire roof, regardless of the where the leak sites are present. This is a better decision than consistently applying a sealant or waterproof cement to the section of the roof that leaks.

So instead of grabbing the caulking materials, clean off the roof. This might require a pressure washer. Use roofing cement or mortar to fill up those large cracks.

Then add on a solid prime. After it dries, use an elastomeric sealant to seal all of the roof’s damaged parts, no matter how small or large. Then apply the sealant over the rest of the roof in its entirety. Finally, add a second coat after 24 hours.

Look Below the Tiles for Thorough Repair

Sometimes, garage roof tiles do not fit nice and tightly. If you notice that some are loose or if your concrete tiles have leaks, re‑positioning or replacing the tiles won’t always do the job. Oftentimes, the underlying issue is with the roofing felt.

While roofing felt can look perfectly good to the naked eye, it can result in leaks when it gets old. So, don’t give up on your roof if you’ve exhausted all other avenues. Replace your garage’s roofing felt and the problem should be solved.

Look Everywhere for the Source of a Leak

Instead of merely inspecting the roof leak along with the area immediately above it, you should look all around the roof. Check out the corners, the sides, the drainage pipes and the roofing felt.

There have been a number of instances where homeowners inspect their roof for the source of a leak where they don’t find any visible areas on the surface that appear to have been compromised. It could be a poorly installed plumbing line, or water that has collected in one section of the roof and caused a leak at another point.

While You’re Up There, Check the Timbers

If you end up removing your roof’s covering, take the opportunity to inspect the roofing timbers. If you find any that have been compromised, replace them. However, in most instances, the roofing timber should be fine as it is usually the actual roofing sheets that need replacing.

What About Upgrading the Garage Door, Too?

While you’re tending to the roof, you may have noticed that your garage door is affected by a leak, or perhaps needs an upgrade in general. A new door can really help lower your energy bills, while increasing a home’s resale value.

Automated Door Systems can help you find the door that best suits your needs, and answer any questions. Browse through our quality residential doors, or try building your dream door online.

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