February 19, 2016

5 Quick Tips for Keeping Your Garage Pest Free!

How Spending More Gets You WAY More on YOUR Garage Door

Is your family home to a family of raccoons? Are there bugs or critters in your garage? We can help.

Your garage is rarely the clean room in the house. But that doesn’t mean your garage should struggle with infestation.

Here are some tips to keep your garage pest free.

1. Secure Your Garbage

You put the garbage in the garage so you don’t have to worry about it. But if you have bugs or pests going after it, you should worry.

So store your garbage outside, whenever it’s possible.

“If you absolutely must keep them in the garage, first clean out the can with bleach or another cleaning liquid,” according to arizonagaragedesign.com

Rinse well, then be sure that all garbage bags are tied tightly before they go into the can. This will help you to avoid attracting pests.

2. Find the Entry Point

You need to find out where they are coming in. There may be no obvious holes, so you need to take a flashlight to all nooks and crannies.

“Animals may not be apparent, but the presence of deceased pests, sawdust, droppings, spiderwebs, wasp nests, chew marks on weather insulation, plastic bags, wood, cloth or wires are telltale signs of animal visitations or current residents,” wrote Matt McKay of Demand Media.

“Make note of areas requiring attention in a notebook for reference and planning.”

3. Seal any Cracks

Go around the interior and exterior of your garage and look for any little holes or cracks that unwanted intruders may be using.

This may not be the most stimulating job, but be as thorough as possible. Even feel free to get a ladder and check the roof for cracks or holes.

4. Rely on professionals

If you have tried your best and you’re still experiencing problems with pests, don’t be afraid to call in the bug guns. You’re not a professional exterminator, they are. So let them take it from here.

“If you have tried all of the above suggestions and are still having a problem, calling in a professional exterminator service might be your best bet,” according to arizonagaragedesign.com.

There are do‑it‑yourself ways to deter pests, but in the long run, often a professional service works best. For good results, you may need to have them come back every three to six months in order to keep the situation under control.

5. Check Your Garage Door

Lets not forget the biggest would‑be entrance for bugs and pets. If your garage door isn’t a tight seal, you’re clearly going to have problems. So a new garage door may be the answer. That’s where we come in.

We recommend having maintenance done to your garage door every 12 months. Contact us today! We offer a preventive maintenance program, done only by experienced and trained technicians. We can fix a heavy garage door to make it safe and easy to use!


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