Solving the dilemma of fixing or replacing a garage door

If you are beginning to hear some strange sounds coming from your garage door, or it just is not working as you feel it should, it might be time to consider getting it looked at. It is important to figure out if your door needs to be fixed or replaced before it is too late. Your safety is at stake here!
There are many reasons that can cause your garage door to stop working as it should. To help you figure out the problem and make a choice to repair or replace a section of or the whole door, here is a complete guide.


When to REPAIR your garage door

In many cases, if a part can be repaired, it will be lighter on your wallet than replacing it all together. In addition, the quicker you find and fix a problem, the better. A minor issue one day can turn more serious and if you delay.

  • The door opens and closes slower than it used to

The most common culprit is that the spring system has either lost tension or is broken. The opener is now working harder than usual, causing the gear system to make those annoying thumping noises. To check this, yank down the emergency release cord to manually open the door. If the door acts heavy to you, that’s an indication that a spring, be it torsion or extension, is either broken or no longer has any tension. Fixing this situation requires an experienced garage door technician.

  • The door closes a few inches, then opens suddenly

Many of the calls for service that are directed to garage door specialists are due to electric door openers. If this situation describes you, it is because of a misalignment of the photo eyes in the safety reversing system. One of the critical eye units has changed its direction. However, if the wire joining the two pieces is cut somehow, a garage door technician will need to come over and have a look.

  • There is a brief, loud noise

Many garage door manufacturers install very strong steel tracks, in addition to commercial grade tracks for doors that are larger. Often, this issue comes about when one of the vertical tracks is either twisted or bent, or damage occurs from being hit by a car or some other heavy item. Needless to say, this situation should be fixed as soon as possible.


  • When opening, the door is jerky or vibrates strongly

This is an indication that one of the lifting cables is either extremely frayed or broken. You can check this by taking a look at the vertical tracks on each side.  Another possible culprit could be a roller that has broken or come off its track. In either case, you need to have a technician come out and look at this right away.

In each of the cases just talked about, it is not safe to try to repair what is broken or damaged on your own. You want to protect your safety, and that of your loved ones, by asked a trained professional to come and take care of it.

When to REPLACE your garage door

The doors age is not necessarily an indication that it needs to be replaced. Many garage doors that were installed 25 years ago still operate great today. Quite often, the owner has maintained the entire system well and hasn’t hesitated to repair it when necessary. In addition, all moving parts have been properly lubricated a minimum of twice a year. However, there are some factors that could cause you to replace not only your garage door but the entire system as well.

  • It’s about appearance… to sell your home faster

An experienced real estate agent will tell you that replacing your tired and faded garage door for a new, stylish one will assist you when it comes time to sell your home at the pricing point you desire.

  • The door system has been used under harsh conditions

Your garage is not heated and does not contain insulation. It can get extremely humid. Absent the presence of heavy-duty hardware; the rough environment will wear down the metal components of your garage door over time, leading to rust.

  • One of door sections is heavily damaged

If you attempt to come in or out of garage too quickly, you might hit and dent the bottom door section. You could misjudge the distance and back into an object that is in the garage, pushing it into the door. While it does depend on how much damage was caused, using a garage door with a section that is broken or noticeably damaged may lead to other negative consequences that can’t be easily solved. This often leads to rust that can quickly come about when the metal is scratched or dented, speeding up the door’s deterioration.

What should you take away from all this?

It would be our pleasure to send you a complete quotation via email to either repair or to purchase a new door. We can also come to your home and talk about our whole line of garage doors. We will also provide you with advice on the best decision to make. If you are considering a change to your garage door and would like to view what it can look like, use our design center or get inspired by our image gallery.
It is important to make an informed decision when choosing whether to repair or replace an existing garage door.  In any event, your safety is most important.  We are here as your trustworthy advisor, so contact us today at (416) 239-7777.