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Saving Money
The truth is that there isn’t anyone on the planet who wants to get a massive repair bill because of something like a broken spring or worn rollers on their garage door. The good thing is that there are many ways to avoid this ever happening to you again. We’ll share tips on how to ensure this below


Make sure you choose a quality garage door system, to begin with.

Not all garage door systems are built the same and not all have the quality required to last for decades. However, when you buy a higher quality product, it’s going to work better and longer than the alternative. You should ask about how thick the steel is in the hardware of the door you’re looking at. You should also find out more information about which components are better than others, and why certain types of exterior weatherstripping remain flexible in freezing temperatures while others do not.
On top of that, find out more information about the door quality. Ask about how thick the steel exterior runs and what type of insulation is included when its sections are built. If you are choosing a double garage door, you may also want to inquire about whether the thickness of the door will make a tremendous difference.
If you want a product that lasts, is durable and protects the environment, a high-quality door is going to last much longer and won’t have to be tossed out in only a few years. This is better for the earth and better for you.

Be sure that regular maintenance is done on your door.

Just like most anything else that has moving components, you do need to offer some care to your garage door throughout the year. If you have a new garage door (bought within the last two years) and it’s used a typical amount (three or so open and close cycles a day), there’s not much maintenance needed. However, if you notice a strange noise, it’s a good idea to check it out and try to determine what may be causing the problem.
If you have a garage door that is more than two years old, the best plan of action is to hire a garage door professional who can provide a full tune-up once every 12 months. This most often entails making adjustments, lubricating parts, and checking connections to be sure the door is working as it should be. They’ll also look at everything to be sure it’s in working order.
In between those checks, you can lubricate door parts that push against each other. This would consist of rollers, hinges, springs, and similar items. It’s also an excellent idea to further lubricate the entirety of the PVC frame weatherstripping on the exterior. Make sure to use a silicone-based lubricant for this.

Fix problems when they happen; don’t wait.

You may think that a minor problem is no big deal. Maybe you don’t have a lot of time to deal with it or don’t even know where to start. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to leave a problem until it gets worse, but this is not a great idea. One thing to know is that most service calls to garage door specialists relate to the spring system. This is often because a spring is so worn it can’t act as a counterweight anymore, or it might be because it is broken.
Don’t wait to have more time to deal with something strange happening with your garage door. It’s better to get things repaired before the problem becomes more critical. Get in touch with a professional garage door technician as early as you can.

Don’t assume you can repair the system yourself every time.

It’s important not to get in above your head and take on a job that is at a skill level higher than you can handle. You wouldn’t let an attorney do your electrical work, and you should find a professional for your garage door repairs as well. Of course, you can still keep tabs on how well your system is working while doing maintenance, such as lubricating. Do keep in mind that garage door systems are under extremely high tension. Don’t think you can handle the repair or changing of a broken cable or spring on your own. This can result in significant injury.
The system that is composed of the bottom bracket, lift cable, drum, and spring is an interconnected system, with tension on all of these components that equals the entire weight of the door. A garage door can be anywhere from 130 to around 400 pounds (60 to 180 kg), depending on what it’s made of and its width.

Choose a high-quality, experienced company.

Everyone knows that having repairs done once is better than having them done multiple times. An experienced professional can do things right every time, while a more inexpensive and less skilled technician may require more time and appointments to handle a problem. Sometimes, less qualified workers may also not know how to handle more intensive repairs and end up suggesting you change out your entire system, which is going to cost more than a few repairs.
If you have friends or family members who can recommend a business to you, consider using them. You should also look for a company with many happy customer reviews and years of experience behind them. If you aren’t sure about what they suggest, it’s always appropriate to get a second opinion for your peace of mind.

Learn more about garage doors and repair.

We are always happy to have you contact us at (416) 239‑7777. We’re pleased to show off our experience and reviews so you can determine that we are authentic garage door specialists. Most problems will not be fully resolved over the phone, however.
To provide you with a professional repair, we’ll visit your home to evaluate the problem. At the time, we can give you a detailed quotation by email or in print.
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  • Rachel Herhsey

    Great tips indeed! Apart from regular maintenance, home owners must do visual inspection atleast once in a month, just checking how the door is functioning, whether there are undesirable sounds, check to see whether torsion spring is not broken, this easy to do inspection could reveal small issues that could be solved quickly at lower cost and ensure a longer life for the garage door.