Is a walk-through (pedestrian) garage door worth it?

One garage door craze that’s been all over the Internet is the walk-through garage door, or the “pedestrian” door. It allows you to walk through a smaller portion of your garage just like a regular door, without having to lift your entire garage door. Are you wondering if this type of door is really worth it? There are definitely certain types of building layouts where this could be worthwhile. For example, a common residential situation in which the garage is located in the basement makes it nearly impossible to have a standard access door (36″ X 78″ or 91 X 198 cm) next to the garage door on the side of the house.
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Your Garage Door’s Surprising Strength

If you take the time to consider how strong your garage door is, you may be surprised at what you find. We took a look at some of the most common performance challenges that garage doors are subject to, tests that most homeowners don’t even realize exist. After you learn about these evaluations, you may find your opinion on quality garage doors changed. Read on to learn more about what your garage door has to withstand year after year, and why it’s so important to choose a quality garage door. Read More

The Hidden Benefits of Insulating Your Garage

Is it required that you insulate your garage? Not quite. Building standards are somewhat murky on the subject, even if some government organizations claim that common walls must have a certain level of R-value for houses with an attached garage. By the same token, a garage with rooms above it must have a minimum R-value on the ceiling, according to these same organizations. There are no requirements for the other walls or the garage door itself, while a detached garage has no R-value rules binding it at all.
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How to Choose Between Two Single Garage Doors or a Large Double One

It is interesting how home designs have changed over the years. Not that long ago homes were built without any garage at all. It was at first a real luxury to have a one-car garage. It seemed decadent to spend money on a space that only housed your vehicle.
Eventually, people realized that a garage was a really good idea so that your biggest investment is actually protecting your second largest investment. In areas where having a basement is not feasible or possible, garages began to be more for storage than for cars even. In any case, the idea stuck and now it is inconceivable to have anything less than a two car garage. In fact, many homes are even built with three!
Now that a two car garage is the norm, the next question becomes whether to go with one large double door for access or the stylish, and potentially more functional, two-door design. In making this decision, you need to consider three things – functionality, appearance, and cost.
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Buying Guide: Overhead Door Openers

When it comes time to choose your overhead door opener, you’ll want to consider so many factors. Safety, security, ease of use, quiet operation… what’s right for you? Today, let’s take a closer look at what you need to know before buying a door opener.
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Your Dream Garage in 5 Easy Steps!

Is your garage in need of a serious decluttering session? Not sure where to start? Discover how you can build your dream garage in just 5 easy steps!

Throughout the country, one of the most neglected and underutilized space in our home is the garage. It often becomes the spot where we dump anything and everything. Over time, our garage becomes cluttered and loses function. Many of us can’t even park our cars in our garages since there’s simply no room!
Our garages can hold more than just our stuff. They can become a spot to complete DIY projects or to work on our cars. They can become great craft rooms or play areas. Our garages should be able to carry out multiple functions if that’s what we need.
Homeowners unite! It is time to reclaim our garages! Today, let’s look at 5 easy steps to create a dream garage.
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Is Your Garage Door Opener a Safety Risk for Your Family?

It’s so easy to take garage door openers for granted. When you need to leave or enter your garage, you just push the button on your door opener remote. If your kids need to get in when they come home from school, they can just use the exterior keypad. Basically, if you have a good garage door opener, you never have to use the front door of your house.
Because our garage door openers are so convenient, though, it’s easy to forget that your garage door is probably the single largest moving part on your whole house, and it can create a significant safety hazard. Fortunately, with some periodic maintenance, it can be perfectly safe for years to come.
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Stage Your Garage For Home Buyers

People who are searching for a house to purchase tend to be a fickle group of consumers, which is understandable considering the costs of real estate and the price of home maintenance. This is why organizations such as the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) reach out to the market, asking consumers about their preferences when it comes to the type of home in which they wish to live. The stakes are high in the real estate market, and it would be foolish to ignore the wishes and demands of home buyers in terms of what they want from their garage.
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