Why should I install a sectional door on my shed or small garage?

Is a sectional door the best option for your small garage, shed or barn? It depends on your needs, but for most people, a sectional door offers some important advantages while limiting drawbacks.
Here are the most convincing arguments for installing a sectional door on your garage or shed.


Will a sectional door fit inside the structure?

Before making major door installation plans, make certain that your shed meets the minimum size requirements.
Can your door fit under the roof? You need at least 5 inches of headroom between the head of the door and the ceiling. If you absolutely want an electric opener, the headroom figure has to be increased by 2 more inches. Can it retract fully? The shed needs to be large enough to hold the door when it is fully open. This means having at least 112 ft2 of area.

Can a sectional door make access easier?

The short answer is “yes.” Here are some ways in which sectional doors are superior.

  • With a sectional door, you can install an electric garage door opener. This can make using your shed much easier. With standard side-by-side wood or metal doors, this kind of automatic opener is not an option.
  • Sectional doors are much easier to open. Whether you choose a manual or automatic sectional door, you will not have to worry about snow, landscaping features or other impediments getting in the way of the door when you are try to open it. If your side by side doors swing outward, you will always have to make certain that the swing path is clear of plants, tools or snow.
  • Sectional doors give you the highest amount of storage space. Since the door opens upward instead of swinging inside or outside, you can maximize the amount of storage space on the floor of your shed because you will not have to worry about something obstructing the swing path of your door.
  • Finally, overhead doors maximize the entry space. This means that you will have the widest possible width for bringing large items, such as ATVs, snowmobiles or tractors, into your shed.


Yes, a sectional door is the best option for me. What’s next?

You can start thinking about the details of the project. Here is what you need to consider:
Our company is willing to be very flexible when it comes to your door dimensions. The narrowest door we offer is 4 feet (1.2 m) wide. However, we can go as wide as you need down to the nearest inch (25 mm). Like width, height can also be customized. The most common heights are between 6′ 6″ and 7′ 0″ (1.98 and 2.1 m).
The design options for all our products are extremely diverse. Here are some examples: flush, with thin lines, rectangular embossed designs, or even with decorative overlays. You can mix and match to create a customized look. Or you can rely on us to help you match your color and design with your existing structures.
Windows can add another element to your door’s design. We have a variety of options available that will allow you to give your door an even more-customized look.
If you would like a classic appearance, you can opt for the kind of decorative hardware that is reminiscent of iron hinges and handles in traditional swing doors.

What is the next step?

Contact us anytime at (519) 829‑3777 to get more information or to get the design process started. We will be upfront about the pricing. Our experts will analyze your needs and offer the best options. If you prefer, we can email you a quotation.
You can also take a trip to our showroom or use our design center and image gallery to get ideas for designs before you come to us for a quote.