How to Identify Less-Than Professional Garage Door Businesses

It can be tough to tell at first glance whether a garage door business is actually on the up and up, and if they have the experience, expertise and knowledge required. Sadly, it really does take just one bad apple to spoil the whole barrel. One bad experience with a less-than professional garage door business can sour your outlook on all garage door businesses. As such, it’s important that you’re able to identify companies that might be less than ideal for your business, and that you’re able to recognize competent, highly-trained professionals. You should work with experts who impress you with their knowledge and abilities, not disillusion you with unprofessionalism.


How Unprofessional Garage Door Companies Operate

First, you’ll primarily find unprofessional garage door companies operating in highly populated areas. It’s easier for them to get away with shoddy workmanship in areas where most people don’t know their neighbors, let alone the companies they work with. There’s little name recognition in these areas. If you’ve ever lived in a small town, you know the difference firsthand.
Most unsavory garage door companies put a lot of focus on flashy advertising, as well, particularly full-page ads in phone directories. You might also find that the same company does business under more than one name, and they may not have a fixed physical address or even use multiple different phone numbers.
Of course, these companies also try to sway you by hammering home the fact that they’re the only company you should call –they’re #1 in everything. That especially applies to emergency work, and they usually claim that they deliver the fastest service possible for repairing your garage door.
Watch for discrepancies in website photos and ads, too. Most of these companies will use photographs that show very different service vehicles to those they actually drive. They’re just trying to wow you with their ads in an attempt to get your business.

Warning Signs to Watch For

Be wary of companies that offer a 24-hour repair. They might actually reach your home during that time, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the repair work will be done correctly. There’s also the potential for very high hourly rates with emergency work.
Be aware that unprofessional garage door companies may need to come back to your home twice or more to get the repairs right. This is often because they don’t have the needed parts on their truck. Some companies promise steep discounts on their services, and the parts they use – so much so that it might sound too good to be true. It probably is.
Beware of companies that use subcontractors to complete the work, rather than employees, as well as companies that don’t have a physical address. The garage door business should have a set place of business, as well as a warehouse where they store needed parts to repair garage doors.
Finally, watch out if a company recommends that you replace your garage door simply because they don’t have the knowledge to repair it. In most instances, a simple repair is all that’s needed.

Questions and Considerations

Question the garage door company before doing business with them. Make sure you get a list of previous customers, including contact information so you can call and verify that they were satisfied with the service. You should also ask friends, family and even coworkers if they’ve heard about the company you’re considering, and if they’re worth the time and money.
If possible, pay a visit to the company’s location. You should find an actual business location, not someone’s home. You should also see how they treat their customers within the location. You should at least look up the location using Google Street View to make sure it’s a real location.
Finally, make sure that you’re presented with several alternatives when it comes to repair and replacement quotes from the service company.

In the End

Ultimately, exercise caution before choosing a garage door company. We invite you to contact us at (519) 829-3777 at any time. We are garage door specialists serving your area, and we have a fixed place of business. You’re also welcome to check our customer reviews. We’d be pleased to give you a detailed quotation on what we can do for you by email.
If you’re more interested in replacing your garage door than in repairing it, you can check out our design center and image gallery to see your choices.