Have Your Next Party in the Garage

Are you organizing a birthday party or an anniversary party? Maybe you have some other special occasion where you plan to have some family and friends over and you need some extra space. Before you waste money on renting out a hall, think about having the party, or at least part of it, in the garage instead.

When you move the party to the garage, you have some immediate benefits. It will expand your party area, so people are not all squeezed together into the house. In addition, if you have part of the party in the backyard, it can give people a place to cool down out of the sun, or to get out of the rain if the weather does not cooperate. There are plenty of reasons that you might want to use the garage for your party.
If you have a two-car garage, even better. It means more space! However, you might be reading this and wondering how you could possibly turn your garage into a party space. Fortunately, it is easier than you might imagine. Let’s look at what you need to do.

Cleaning and Hiding

If you are like many people, there is a good chance that you have a bit of storage in your garage. If you use it for storage, you will want to move out some of the larger objects. You can take the bigger items out of the garage and put them in the driveway, the backyard, or other areas, and then just cover them up with a tarp.
You should also make sure you sweep and clean the floors and walls that you are not going to cover. You do not want to have a lot of dust in the garage. In addition, you need to have a good amount of lighting. It can’t be dark and dim, even if that’s what it usually looks like in there!
You can use curtains and other items to hide and conceal certain items or walls that you do not want to have seen. Consider making this a part of the decoration.

Décor, Tables, and Chairs

It is important to think about some of the other items you will need for décor for the garage, too. If you are having a themed party, such as a holiday party or a tiki party, or a casino night, you will want to have the appropriate type of decorations. Even just stringing up some white Christmas lights can make the place look a lot nicer and cozier.
Make sure you have enough tables and chairs to accommodate everyone, as well. After all, you want people to be as comfortable as possible. You may also want to think about having some music in the garage for the background. Even simple wireless speakers can work well.

The Food and Drink

What’s a party without food and drinks? You want to make sure you have some great food and plenty of drinks. If you are having a themed party, make sure people know so they can bring appropriate dishes, if you are throwing a potluck. Make sure you have plenty of drink options, as well. You might even want to keep a cooler or two in the garage.

A New Garage Door

You might also want to think about getting a new and improved garage door, or at least make sure yours has a good tune-up, by contacting us at (416) 239-7777. If you would like, we could also provide you with a quotation and send it to you by email. We can help you find the best garage door for your needs. Visit our design center, or check our image gallery, too.