Give your garden a makeover using glass garage doors

Everyone wants to make the most of the long summer days by spending as much time outdoors as possible. Recent garden trends of maximizing outdoor living space therefore come as no surprise.
To make sure you’re as comfortable as possible for as long as possible during the summer, and to extend the time you spend “outdoors” all year long, look no further than glass garage doors.

It might sound strange, but installing a glass garage door, such as Garaga’s California model, in your garden (they simply need to be attached and bolted on to a solid wood structure) will work wonders in creating unique outdoor living spaces. Used in backyards, these all-glass garage doors act as partition walls, separating parts of your space, and you can even overlap them to create fun rooms.
The possibilities are endless; partition off a room by your pool area, create an intimate dining area, bring the outside into your family room… What’s more, these glass doors are available in a whole host of colours and styles: operational or fixed, clear or tinted glass – it all depends on what you’re looking for. But don’t forget, ensure to opt for a door with tempered glass, like a car window, as these will shatter into tiny pieces if broken and reduce the risk of injury.
A project on this scale might seem quite daunting, and we understand if you don’t really know where to start, so we scoured Houzz and Pinterest and decided to share some images of our favourite projects to inspire you!

Why not use an operational glass garage door to open the living space next to your pool? You’ll feel like you’re in a spa! Keep an eye on all the family from your kitchen by installing a fixed glass garage door overlooking the garden
Invite your friends over and enjoy a barbecue in this beautiful setting Bring more light into your home with a garage door overlooking the garden
Bring the outdoors in with an operational glass garage door installed on the family room Overlap garage doors to create a unique seating or dining area you can enjoy 365 days a year!


If you’re ready to take on a project like this…

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