What are my options when it comes to garage flooring?

You know that your garage floor takes abuse every day, and that’s why, when you compare it to other floors in your home, it shows signs of wear quite a bit sooner. After all, in the rest of your house, you’re not dealing with tire marks, oil stains, and all the crud you bring in from not just your car, but bikes and other sporting equipment.
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Stage Your Garage For Home Buyers

People who are searching for a house to purchase tend to be a fickle group of consumers, which is understandable considering the costs of real estate and the price of home maintenance. This is why organizations such as the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) reach out to the market, asking consumers about their preferences when it comes to the type of home in which they wish to live. The stakes are high in the real estate market, and it would be foolish to ignore the wishes and demands of home buyers in terms of what they want from their garage.
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Want to Help Your Kids’ Garage Band? Read This!

Regardless of which decade you grew up in, there’s a good chance that one of your favorite bands started in a garage. From The Guess Who to The White Stripes, many rock’n’roll greats began in the privacy of the space where their parents parked the car.

If your kids have begun to get together with their friends for jam sessions, setting up a dedicated rehearsal spot in your garage is a fantastic way of fostering their talent. Garages are an ideal space to add acoustic dampening that lowers the amount of noise created in the rehearsal space. This helps create a room that sounds great and while respecting your neighbour’s desire for sound reduction.
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Welcome to our New Blog!

Welcome on our blog - Automated Door Systems
Hi, everyone, and welcome to the inaugural post on this, our company’s brand new blog. We here at Automated Door Systems could not be prouder to unveil this new section of our website and tell you a bit about what we have in store for it. The main goal we have for this blog is that it will become the one place you head to when you need to learn anything about garage doors and even garages.
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