Reasons to Secure Your Garage Door

The evening is a special time to relax and replenish in expectation for another busy day. It may seem obvious and a little strange to spend a blog talking about it, but it happens to almost everyone. Some extenuating circumstances cause us to rush into the house and forget about closing and securing the garage door. For some, rushing home to do vital tasks is necessary because of the pressures and fast-paced world around us. For many homeowners, this evening rush can cause them to forget to do something very important, close the garage door. You may say “No big deal, nothing to worry about.” Unfortunately, you may be wrong.
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Remove Hazards from the Garage to Keep Kids Safe

The garage is generally not considered the sort of place where young children will be spending time without supervision. There can be dangerous items stored inside that could injure a child who was only trying to play. That’s why it’s a good idea to keep the garage cleaned up and safe enough that a child won’t run into harm if they want to ride their bike inside the garage or play ping pong with a friend.
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Is Your Garage Door Opener a Safety Risk for Your Family?

It’s so easy to take garage door openers for granted. When you need to leave or enter your garage, you just push the button on your door opener remote. If your kids need to get in when they come home from school, they can just use the exterior keypad. Basically, if you have a good garage door opener, you never have to use the front door of your house.
Because our garage door openers are so convenient, though, it’s easy to forget that your garage door is probably the single largest moving part on your whole house, and it can create a significant safety hazard. Fortunately, with some periodic maintenance, it can be perfectly safe for years to come.
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5 Important Tips for Child Proofing your Garage

Child safety
Everyone knows that kids have the curiosity to explore and look for trouble throughout out the home. In fact, you might have childproofed the house already, but have you thought about the garage?

Even if your kids only go in the garage when you are present, accidents can happen when your attention is diverted, and have repercussions that last for life. Please take a look at these five danger points and how to avoid them.
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