Should I add windows to my garage door?

Contemporary Garage Door

So you feel your garage door works well and you are satisfied with its performance, but maybe it deserves a little makeover. Are you wondering if you should add decorative windows to improve its looks? Even if you already have windows in your current garage door and would like to change them, here is a blog to get a clearer picture of what to consider.

Let’s look at it from an aesthetic point of view

Certainly, the aesthetic appeal is important for many of you, especially if you’ve recently made renovations to your home’s exterior and the garage door is the last project to undertake. A more recent and popular trend has seen consumers clamoring for decorative windows that are not only attractive but that coordinate with the windows in their front doors.

A tip: consider how you can coordinate your front door windows with those in your garage door. Also take a close look at the design of the windows in your house. Are there grids dividing the windows into smaller panes? To achieve a blended look, the companies Garaga and Novatech have collaborated to offer product lines that go together perfectly.

To assist you in this endeavor, there are design centers that some garage door manufacturers put at your disposal, like the one from Garaga, where you can upload a photo of your actual home and visualize it with a wide variety of decorative garage door windows. This way you can see which ones fit with the architectural style of your house as well as enhance its look.


Now, from a practical point of view

Generally, when we want to add windows to our garage door, especially when there aren’t any, it’s because we want to add natural light to this space used for more than just parking our car.

An important aspect to consider before making a final decision on your project is whether security or privacy are very high on your list of priorities. Even if you say yes, there are ways of adding windows that still reduce the risk of prying eyes. There is tinted or frosted glass that allows you to see outside if you are in the garage while making it almost impossible to look into the garage from the exterior.

The same holds for the aspects of the insulation and weathertightness of your garage, aimed at those who use it the majority of the time for pastimes such as craft projects or automotive tinkering yet don’t want to be in a cold, damp workshop. It must be remembered that the thermal resistance of a garage door window is at best R‑3.6 (using Argon‑filled sealed double panes) while the garage door can be up to R‑16 for a 1¾ ″ (45 mm) polyurethane injected model.


If I go ahead and add them, will it affect my lifting system using the springs?

Yes, it will, if your garage door doesn’t currently have decorative windows. Depending on how old your spring system is, and its type, either torsion or extension, you had better add a few dollars more to the cost of your project in order to adapt everything to this addition to the total weight of the door. However, if you already have windows installed and you want to change only the window model, you might not have to change anything. Your situation needs to be analyzed on site by a garage door technician who will then tell you if any changes need to be made.

Lastly, don’t make the mistake of saying that your electric garage door opener is so powerful that it will be able to lift the extra weight following the addition of new windows. Yes, it is true to say that a door opener can lift a weight of 230 lb. (115 kg), but if the spring system has aged a bit, this additional weight may cause it to become unbalanced. A correctly balanced door appears to weigh around only 10 lb. (4.5 kg), but an unbalanced door can over tax your opener, and even more importantly, cause a safety hazard. Don’t forget that when closing, an opener pushes down the same weight that it is able to lift. Put your safety and that of your loved ones first, and have a professional do a final check of your system.


Are you hesitating? Not sure you are making the right decision?

That’s completely normal. So why not contact us anytime toll‑free at (416) 239-7777 for Toronto and at (519) 829-3777 for Guelph? We know garage door systems from A to Z. We are able to advise you and explain the best choice to make in your situation, even if your needs are very specific. As well, we can send you a quotation by email if you want.

Another option is to come and meet us at our showroom. You can also use our design center to select the window design that suits you best. Lacking ideas? Then peruse our image gallery for some inspiration.