Could how your garage door is made run up your electricity bill?


From a distance, many insulated garage doors seem similar, and when the R-values (or RSI) of two doors are equivalent, aren’t I getting the same bang for my buck? Definitely not! Take a closer look and if a door isn’t equipped with effective thermal breaks and top-performing weatherseals, you may be unnecessarily losing heat to the outdoors.

So if the time has come to buy a new garage door, here is what all homeowners should know when shopping around.

These specific features should be present if you want to get the biggest reduction in your heating and air conditioning bill:
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Consider a Carriage House Garage Door

Carriage house style

What do you think of when you think about a carriage house? Many people will think about a beautiful manor house or elegant mansion from days long past where the carriage would be kept before going out for a trip to or through town. It makes people think of the countryside, and it evokes images of beauty and class. These types of doors were popular in the 50s and 60s, as well, and for some people, carriage house doors make them think of this era.

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How to Identify Less-Than Professional Garage Door Businesses

It can be tough to tell at first glance whether a garage door business is actually on the up and up, and if they have the experience, expertise and knowledge required. Sadly, it really does take just one bad apple to spoil the whole barrel. One bad experience with a less-than professional garage door business can sour your outlook on all garage door businesses. As such, it’s important that you’re able to identify companies that might be less than ideal for your business, and that you’re able to recognize competent, highly-trained professionals. You should work with experts who impress you with their knowledge and abilities, not disillusion you with unprofessionalism.
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Save lots of cash on your next garage door

Saving MoneyThe truth is that there isn’t anyone on the planet who wants to get a massive repair bill because of something like a broken spring or worn rollers on their garage door. The good thing is that there are many ways to avoid this ever happening to you again. We’ll share tips on how to ensure this below
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What are my options when it comes to garage flooring?

You know that your garage floor takes abuse every day, and that’s why, when you compare it to other floors in your home, it shows signs of wear quite a bit sooner. After all, in the rest of your house, you’re not dealing with tire marks, oil stains, and all the crud you bring in from not just your car, but bikes and other sporting equipment.
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Solving the dilemma of fixing or replacing a garage door

If you are beginning to hear some strange sounds coming from your garage door, or it just is not working as you feel it should, it might be time to consider getting it looked at. It is important to figure out if your door needs to be fixed or replaced before it is too late. Your safety is at stake here!
There are many reasons that can cause your garage door to stop working as it should. To help you figure out the problem and make a choice to repair or replace a section of or the whole door, here is a complete guide.
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Remove Hazards from the Garage to Keep Kids Safe

The garage is generally not considered the sort of place where young children will be spending time without supervision. There can be dangerous items stored inside that could injure a child who was only trying to play. That’s why it’s a good idea to keep the garage cleaned up and safe enough that a child won’t run into harm if they want to ride their bike inside the garage or play ping pong with a friend.
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Give your garden a makeover using glass garage doors

Everyone wants to make the most of the long summer days by spending as much time outdoors as possible. Recent garden trends of maximizing outdoor living space therefore come as no surprise.
To make sure you’re as comfortable as possible for as long as possible during the summer, and to extend the time you spend “outdoors” all year long, look no further than glass garage doors.
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